House property as investment

The changing times has seen a paradigm shift in real estate investments especially in housing properties. While many of us the burgeoning middle class look for a sell my house fast good home to stay as a safe haven, there is a growing tribe amongst us which looks at house property and real estate as a vehicle for boosting capital assets and profits thereby.

The lure of real estate is a difficult one to resist. If done the right way investment in house property is a sure fire way of increasing one’s capital wealth. For many of us holding an immovable property i.e., a dream house is by far the largest and the most expensive chunk in our investment portfolio. The magnetic pull aside, buying a dream home seems to be a daunting task for the common man. It seems to be a lot more complex and tricky than other investment opportunities.

Buying a house is not merely about owning a place which you call home. It is also about fulfilling a cherished dream. Before you venture out into looking at properties or houses for investment it is common sense to get answers to a few simple questions.What is your investment range?What is the purpose of your investment? Is it going to be used for your residence or do you intend to earn rentals or do you want to sell after a while for gains?The above questions are intended to keep yourself clear about the feasibility and optimisation of your investment.

What to look for when you are looking at a house property?

If you are a novice it would do good to look at investing in apartments, housing complexes and condominiums. Additionally consider the following:Check out the location and ease in accessibility.Choosing a good quality, decent neighbourhood is beneficial.Check out for schools and other amenities nearby.The municipal corporations may generally have information on the upcoming development projects in the area.

This will enable you to assess the future development potential of that area.Assess the vacancies in the neighbourhood you are planning to invest in. This will help you assess the demand for house property in that particular locality.Ascertain the rental income to assess the worthiness of the locality as an investment.Evaluate the credentials of the builder.Last but not the least, ensure that the area is not prone to flooding or other natural calamities, else make provisions to deal with it.

Financial and Legal Aspects

Investing in an immovable asset, i.e. a housing property is a dream come true for many. It is a way of making money work in the present and multiply it so that investors have more money in the future.Having said this the next task to be done is to ensure that you have worked out the arithmetic around your cash outflows which may include your EMI against mortgage. In case you are availing a bank loan against your house property you may also be eligible for tax benefits. Do your math meticulously to ensure that there is a smooth cashflow after providing for your expenses and savings.

Verification of the legal aspects of an investment in housing properties is an overwhelming task for many of us. Doubly check and get the property papers verified by a legal expert or the bank which will facilitate your transactions.

When is the ideal time to buying a property?

The time to invest can be determined only by you, once you are clear about the availability of resources and viability of your investment. Experienced folk usually give a sane advice to buy a house property on the basis of what you can afford. There is always the comfortable option of selling it to buy a bigger and better property when your cash flow prospects brighten.

Mentioned above are just a few broad based imperative questions of when to invest, where or which property to invest and how much to invest. Finding answers to these questions is crucial to resolving several bottlenecks along the way.  A good property agent or real estate firm or a good builder may help people in realising this much cherished dream. Each house buyer has different aspirations and the market offers a wide choice across price bands and amenities provided.